30 Oktober 2017


Hawlimann & Stricktschek - Teensdreams
C30 cassette release

There is a new tape out!!! Some studio-recordings of our noisy-improv-surprise-music duo Hawlimann & Stricktschek (Peter Strickmann + Philipp Hawlitschek). Coming on Colognes' SPAM. Released in october 2017.

Recordings by Leo Kwandt at Studio Leo Kwandt and live at Kleine Manufaktur Saarbrücken, 2015
Cover drawings by Andi, Nadscha, Ronnie, Rustiana, Stella, Lukas, Martin, Frédéric, Marius, Flo, Steffi, Peter, Martina and Sascha
Risoprinted by ChaCha & Tantra / Edition of 40 
SPAM #26